The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the environment – and it’s not all good.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. We spend a lot more time at home, the daily commute to work has been eliminated for many, and the manufacturing industry has slowed down. But we’ve also been generating more biomedical trash, in the form of masks, sanitizers and packaging than ever before. COVID-19 has had an impact on the environment that we can learn from.

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Despite New Regulations, Guzzling Cannabis Plants Threaten California’s Water System

Cannabis is a very water-intensive plant. One cannabis plant needs an estimated 6 gallons of water per day to grow! With tens of thousands of cannabis plants growing in Northern California, the industry is under fire for diverting too much water from rivers and streams for cannabis cultivation. In turn, certain aquatic life, like the Chinook and Coho salmon, are vanishing from California waters, threatening the survivability of the species.

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India’s Weakest Link: Farmers

Protests began in the northern state of Punjab soon after the introduction of this legislation in September, and spread across the country on Nov. 26, 2020, when a nationwide general strike was observed by about 250 million people – making it the largest strike in human history.

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A look at 2 megastructures built to protect us against the ocean’s wrath

2020 may may have had worst hurricane season ever, but it’s certainly not the first of its kind. And governments around the world have done much – short of actually addressing the root cause – to mitigate destruction that the seas so regularly meet upon our civilizations. Here’s a look at two terribly destructive floods – and the megastructures we’ve built to defend against them.

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